Alcohol Awareness

Become Informed

The number of alcohol related injuries are a continual concern throughout the country. The University of Lethbridge has struck up an Alcohol Awareness Committee to advocate safe and informed solutions to alcohol consumption. To find more information on this topic please check out the Alcohol Committee's website at

The Students' Union encourages each student to educate themselves regarding all aspects of alcohol consumption and become alcohol smart. We want your university experience to be well rounded and informed.

Tips For a Good Night Out!
Plan Ahead, this will save you lots of time, money and hassle. How are you going to get home? Is it safe? How much am I going to drink tonight? Can I afford it? How good do I need to feel in the morning? Sort these things out before you leave and you'll be good to go!

Take Care of Your Friends
When you're out drinking, stick together and look out for each other. Don't drink and drive! Put some cash aside for a taxi home. If you have to walk home, try to walk with a friend Don't let your friends wander off by themselves either, especially if they are less than with it.

Take Care of Yourself
Eat & drink lots of water. Go slow and alternate alcohol and nonalsoholic drinks.  

Have Fun But Respect Other People's Rights
Students living in residence have the right to a good night's sleep, be mindful of your roommates.

Drinking alcohol is your choice and you can choose to make it good or bad. Sometimes, less is more. Have a few, feel good, but not out of control. Listen to your body and think about your own limit, AND the morning after!